Our project is aimed at creating and fully testing a model for the local economy which is based on the attraction of crowdfunding resources for the development of agricultural goods and services. It is realized without any bank leases or governmental grants. Instead, it seeks its sources from individual contributions and a decentralized participation of contributors. Our approach is safe, stress-reliant and based on the principles of green economy – despite the whole difficulty of “making business” in the farming industry. We use tokens which are issued on the WAVES Platform and based on the Emercoin blockchain servers. The participants of the project are several partner farms, small businesses, individual producers and consumers. Almost all participants own land, means for the agricultural production and all the necessary equipment. The range of our products and services is very wide – starting with foodstuffs and ending with the development of high-tech equipment. Our current production fully covers the needs of our community’s Ecosystem, entered an open market and is often donated to charitable and social projects.